Explore the Art of Tattooing at Liga Tattoo Collective in Berlin

Located in the heart of Berlin, Liga Tattoo Collective offers a unique opportunity to explore the art of tattooing. Founded by a team of experienced tattoo artists, the shop is located at 25 Karl-Kunger-Straße in the 12435 postcode area of Berlin, Germany.

The shop offers a wide range of tattoo styles, from traditional to modern, and all of the artists have a deep understanding of the art form. Every tattoo is created with skill and precision, and the shop strives to create a comfortable and friendly atmosphere for all of its customers.

The shop offers a variety of services, including consultations, aftercare, and advice. The shop also provides a wide range of products to help customers care for their tattoos.

At Liga Tattoo Collective, customers can find a team of experienced tattoo artists who are passionate about their art. The shop is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable experience to all of its customers, and its team of artists is dedicated to creating beautiful and unique tattoos.


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