Top list of the best tattoo artists in Leipzig

Leipzig is a city with a rich cultural and artistic scene, which is also reflected in the variety and quality of tattoo artists. Whether you are looking for a traditional, realistic, geometric or abstract tattoo, you are sure to find a tattoo artist that suits your needs. In this blog post we bring you our top list of the best tattoo artists in Leipzig, who are known for their experience as well as their style.

1. Anna Neumann - Studio 23
Anna Neumann is an award-winning tattoo artist who specializes in realistic and surreal portraits. She works with fine lines and shading to create vibrant and expressive tattoos, often inspired by nature, art or literature. Anna Neumann is the owner of Studio 23, a cozy and hygienic tattoo studio in the center of Leipzig that also houses other talented artists.

2. John Doe - Black Ink
John Doe is an experienced tattoo artist specializing in traditional and neo-traditional tattoos. He uses bold colors and clear contours to create dynamic and original motifs, influenced by folklore, mythology or rock 'n' roll. Max Mustermann works at Black Ink, a renowned and professional tattoo studio in the south of Leipzig that offers a wide range of styles and artists.

3. Lisa Müller - Dotwork
Lisa Müller is a young and talented tattoo artist specializing in geometric and dotwork tattoos. She works with precise points and lines to create complex and harmonious patterns that often have a spiritual or symbolic character. Lisa Müller works at Dotwork, a modern and friendly tattoo studio in East Leipzig that focuses on minimalistic and creative tattoos.


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