37 Grad Tattoo Manufactory — A work of art in Hamm

In the heart of Hamm, a city known for its lively cultural scene, there is a jewel of tattoo art - the “37 Grad Tattoo Manufactory”. Known for its exceptional artistic quality and warm atmosphere, this studio is a must for every tattoo lover.

Tel: 02381375777

Unique atmosphere:
As soon as you enter the "37 Grad Tattoo Manufaktur" you can feel the passion and creativity that is in the air . The interior is a successful mix of modern design and a cozy, almost family atmosphere. Every corner of the studio is carefully designed to create an inspiring and relaxing environment for clients.

Diversity and specialization:
The studio's offerings are impressive. From fine line work to large, colorful tattoos, the “37 Grad Tattoo Manufaktur” masters a wide range of styles. Particularly noteworthy is her expertise in realistic portraits and surrealistic designs, which attracts customers from all over Germany.


Artistic Mastery:
The team consists of award-winning artists who are distinguished not only by their craftsmanship, but also by their ability to transform their customers' stories and wishes into breathtaking works of art impress. Each artist brings their unique perspective and specialization, creating a diverse and dynamic creative energy in the studio.

Customer-centered approach:
The "37 Grad Tattoo Manufaktur" attaches great importance to individual and comprehensive advice. Customers are encouraged to bring their ideas and visions, which will then be further developed together with the artists. This close collaboration ensures that each tattoo is not just a work of art, but a personal story.

Hygiene and professionalism:
Hygiene and safety have top priority. The studio follows strict hygiene standards to ensure the well-being and safety of all clients. State-of-the-art equipment and high-quality colors guarantee the best results and long-lasting beauty of the tattoos.

Community and commitment:
The "37 Grad Tattoo Manufaktur" is more than just a studio; it is part of the local community. With regular events, workshops and art exhibitions, the studio promotes artistic exchange and networking among tattoo enthusiasts.

The "37 Grad Tattoo Manufaktur" in Hamm is a place where art and craft, creativity and customer service, professionalism and personal history come together harmoniously. For anyone looking for a tattoo that is as individual and unique as they are, this studio is the perfect choice.

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