Top list of the best tattoo artists in Bonn

If you are looking for a new tattoo, you may already have an idea of what you want and where you want it. But have you thought about who should prick you? Choosing the right tattoo artist is at least as important as choosing the right motif, after all, your tattoo should last a lifetime and look good. But how do you find a good tattoo artist in Bonn? We have put together a top list of the best tattoo artists in Bonn that can help you with your decision.

1. Incognito Tattoo
Incognito Tattoo is one of the oldest and most renowned tattoo studios in Bonn. Since 1994, the team around owner and tattoo artist Frank has been offering professional and individual advice, as well as high-quality and creative tattoos. Whether traditional, realistic, abstract or comic-like, all styles are catered for here. Inkognito Tattoo attaches great importance to hygiene, quality and customer satisfaction. Prices are fair and transparent, and appointments are made by arrangement.

2. Black Pearl Tattoo
Black Pearl Tattoo is a modern and friendly tattoo studio in the heart of Bonn. The studio was founded in 2012 by tattoo artist Alex, who specializes in realistic portraits, animals and flowers. He works with great attention to detail and only uses vegan colors. In addition to Alex, two other tattoo artists work in the studio, who also offer different styles, such as dotwork, mandala or geometry. Black Pearl Tattoo offers a free initial consultation, as well as aftercare after the tattoo.

3. Art of Pain Tattoo
Art of Pain Tattoo is a small but fine tattoo studio in Bonn-Beuel. The studio was opened in 2009 by tattoo artist Sandra, who specializes in colorful and imaginative tattoos. She loves to implement individual wishes of her customers and has developed her own style, which is inspired by fairy tales, comics and pop culture. Art of Pain Tattoo works with high-quality materials and pays attention to cleanliness and hygiene. Appointments are by appointment and prices depend on the complexity and size of the tattoo.


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