Street paint tattoo shop — A creative masterpiece in Hamm

Hidden in the lively streets of Hamm, a very special work of art unfolds - the “street color tattoo shop”. This studio is not just a place for tattoos, but a center of creative expression that celebrates tattoo culture in all its facets.

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Atmosphere of inspiration:
When you enter the "Straßenfarben Tattooshop" you are surrounded by an atmosphere that radiates creativity and artistry. The studio combines urban flair with a cozy, inviting environment. The walls are decorated with artwork and photographs that tell the history of tattoo art and provide inspiration.

Wide range of styles:
The "street color" is known for its versatility in tattoo art. From traditional old-school motifs to modern, abstract designs, the studio offers a range of styles to suit every taste. Particularly notable is their specialization in street art and graffiti-inspired tattoos, which is unique to the region.


Experienced artists:
The heart of the studio are the talented tattoo artists, whose passion and skills are expressed in every work. They bring a variety of backgrounds and experiences, which is reflected in the depth and originality of their art. Artists work closely with clients to create custom designs that reflect personal stories and character.

Customer in focus:
In the "Straßenfarben Tattooladen" the customer is always in the foreground. From the initial consultation to aftercare, great importance is placed on transparent, friendly and supportive communication. The goal is for each client to feel understood, comfortable and a part of the creative process.

Highest standards of hygiene:
Hygiene and safety are of the utmost importance in the "Street Color Tattoo Shop". With state-of-the-art equipment and strict cleaning protocols, the studio ensures that every visit is not only inspiring but also safe.

Commitment to the community:
The "Straßenfarben Tattooladen" is an active part of the local arts and culture scene. By participating in cultural events and organizing workshops, the studio contributes to enrichment and exchange within the community.

The “Straßenfarben Tattooladen” in Hamm is more than just a place for tattoos – it is an oasis for creativity and personal expression. With its unique style, talented artists, and commitment to clients and the community, this studio offers an unforgettable tattoo experience.

STRASSENFARBE Tattooladen Hamm - realism, fine line, blackwork, portrait, lettering, black & grey, dotwork, sketch work, geometric, ornamental, surrealism, comic

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