Top list of the best tattoo artists in Dortmund

You want to get a new tattoo and are looking for a good tattoo artist in Dortmund? Then you are right here! In this blog post we will introduce you to some of the best tattoo studios in Dortmund that you can find on Listando is a platform that helps you compare and hire local service providers. Whether you want a tattoo in realistic, blackwork, dotwork, watercolor or any other style, you're sure to find the right artist for your desired motif here.

**Tattoo Kollektiv Kirian**
The Tattoo Kollektiv Kirian is a modern studio in the center of Dortmund, which is managed by the experienced tattoo artist Kirian. He and his team offer all styles, from old school to neo-traditional to geometric and mandala. They attach great importance to individual advice and hygiene. The studio is also regularly represented at the Tattoo Show Dortmund, one of the largest tattoo fairs in Germany.

If you are looking for a high-quality realistic-style tattoo, then ESCOBAR TATTOO is a good address for you you. The owner Escobar is an internationally known artist who has already won many awards. He specializes in portraits, animals and horror motifs. He works with great attention to detail and only uses high-quality colors and materials. The studio is located near the main train station and has a cozy atmosphere.

TattooFormer is a young studio in Dortmund, founded by the talented Marcel. Specializing in blackwork and dotwork, he creates unique designs with geometric shapes, fine lines and shading. He works very precisely and cleanly and takes a lot of time for his customers. The studio is bright and friendly furnished and invites you to relax.


**Ewig And Three Days Tattoos**
Ewig And Three Days Tattoos is a renowned studio in Dortmund that has existed since 2008. Several artists work here who master different styles, such as neo-traditional, watercolor, lettering or comics. They are all very creative and like to cater to the wishes of their customers. The studio is modern and hygienically equipped and has a relaxed atmosphere.

**Sin Skin Tattoo**
Sin Skin Tattoo is a professional studio in Dortmund and Unna, founded by the experienced tattoo artist Sin . He specializes in Realistic, but other styles are also possible. He works with a lot of passion and skill and creates impressive works of art on the skin. The studio is clean and comfortably furnished and has a good reputation.

These were just a few examples of the best tattoo artists in Dortmund that you can find on There are many other studios and artists who can get your dream tattoo. Just take a look and compare the prices, services, ratings and pictures of the different providers. So you can be sure that you are making the right choice.

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