Ink Infected tattoo studio in Hamm

The tattoo studio "Ink Infected" in Hamm has established itself as one of the outstanding places for tattoo art since it opened. Known for its creative designs and the outstanding work of its tattoo artists, Ink Infected is more than just a tattoo studio - it is a place where art and individuality come together.

Tel: 023814934240

Atmosphere and ambience:
As soon as you enter Ink Infected, you can feel an atmosphere that radiates creativity and professionalism. The studio presents itself in a modern, artistically appealing design that immediately arouses the interest and inspiration of customers. Every corner of the studio is carefully designed to create a relaxed and welcoming environment suitable for both tattoo newbies and experienced tattoo lovers.

The Artists:
Ink Infected features a team of highly talented tattoo artists, each bringing their unique artistry and styles. From traditional patterns to modern, abstract designs, Ink Infected artists master a wide range of tattoo styles. Each artist takes time to understand customers' ideas and imaginations and translate them into exceptional works of art.


Hygiene and safety:
The health and safety of customers is the highest priority at Ink Infected. The studio follows strict hygiene standards and only uses high-quality, sterilized equipment. Each artist is highly trained to ensure that every tattoo is performed under the safest and most hygienic conditions.

Individual advice:
At Ink Infected, every customer receives individual advice. The artists take the time to understand their clients' wishes and needs and provide detailed advice on the design, placement and care of the tattoo. This personalized approach ensures that every client leaves with a tattoo that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also personally meaningful.

Customer experiences and feedback:
Ink Infected customers often report their positive experiences. Customer satisfaction is evident in the many positive reviews and recommendations the studio receives both online and through word of mouth. The studio's ability to transform individual visions into stunning works of art has made it a treasured place in the tattoo community.

Ink Infected in Hamm is more than just a tattoo studio; it is a place where art, professionalism and individual care come together at the highest level. Whether you're looking for your first tattoo or another piece of art to add to your collection, Ink Infected provides an environment where you can feel safe and inspired.

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Hot Flesh Tattoo in Unna

Hot Flesh Tattoo in Unna, known for its outstanding artistry and commitment to quality, is a gem in the world of tattoos. Run by a community of passionate and experienced tattoo artists, this studio represents creativity, professionalism and a deep understanding of the art of tattooing.

Tel: 0230366564

The artists at Hot Flesh Tattoo are masters of different styles – from traditional old-school designs to modern, abstract works. Each artist brings their own unique perspective, making the studio a place where clients can find a variety of designs and artistic expressions.

The atmosphere at Hot Flesh Tattoo Studio is both welcoming and inspiring. It is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and every detail of the studio has been carefully designed to create a safe, clean and comfortable environment. Hygiene and cleanliness in the studio are a top priority and great importance is placed on adhering to all health and safety standards.


Customer advice is very important at Hot Flesh Tattoo. The artists take the time to understand their clients' ideas and desires and translate them into personalized works of art. They attach great importance to ensuring that each tattoo is not only a visually impressive work of art, but also has a deeper meaning for the wearer.

The Hot Flesh Tattoo is also a place of community and cultural exchange. It regularly hosts events, workshops and exhibitions that appeal to both the local community and tattoo enthusiasts. These events provide a platform for artists and customers to exchange ideas and learn more about the multifaceted world of tattoo art.

Overall, the Hot Flesh Tattoo Studio in Unna is a standout in the tattoo scene that stands for its artistic excellence, outstanding customer service and commitment to the art of tattooing. It is a place where art, passion and craft come together to create unforgettable and meaningful tattoos.

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