Tattoo studio Ink Infected in Hamm — Where art and passion meet

In lively Hamm, a city known for its cultural diversity and artistic scene, you will find the "tattoo studio Ink Infected", a true mecca for tattoo lovers. Known for its creative atmosphere and exceptional craftsmanship, this studio offers an unforgettable experience for anyone looking for a unique tattoo.

Tel: 025197449407

Inviting and inspiring atmosphere:
The "Ink Infected" impresses with its stylish and artistically designed ambience. With a mix of modern and industrial design, the studio creates an environment that is both inspiring and calming. The walls are adorned with an impressive collection of artworks that reflect the versatility and talent of the artists working in the studio.

Wide range of styles:
The studio is characterized by its variety of tattoo styles. From delicate line work, to impressive realism tattoos, to traditional old-school designs - the "Ink Infected" offers something for every taste. Particularly noteworthy is their specialization in individual, tailor-made tattoos that perfectly capture the customers' personal stories and ideas.


Experienced and creative artists:
The tattoo artists at "Ink Infected" are not just craftsmen, but true artists. Each brings their own artistic vision and expertise, allowing the studio to offer a wide range of artistic styles. Her passion for tattoo art and her commitment to perfection can be felt in every single tattoo.

Personal advice and design:
Individual advice is the focus of “Ink Infected”. Here, the customers' wishes and ideas are carefully discussed and transformed into unique works of art in close collaboration with the artists. This process ensures that each tattoo is not only aesthetically impressive, but also personally meaningful.

Highest hygiene standards:
The highest hygiene standards are adhered to at "Ink Infected". The studio uses state-of-the-art equipment and follows strict cleaning and sterilization protocols to ensure a safe and hygienic experience for all clients.

Commitment to the tattoo community:
The studio is an active part of the local and international tattoo community. With regular participation in conventions, workshops and events, "Ink Infected" promotes the exchange and further development of tattoo art.

The "tattoo studio Ink Infected" in Hamm is a place where art, creativity and individual care come together at the highest level. For anyone looking for a tattoo that is outstanding in both craftsmanship and artistry, this studio is the ideal choice.

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