Top list of the best tattoo artists in Zurich

If you are looking for a new tattoo, you are spoiled for choice in Zurich. The city offers a variety of talented and experienced tattoo artists who can cater to every style and preference. Whether you want a small symbol, a large work of art or a cover-up, you will definitely find the right tattoo artist for you here. To make your decision easier, we have put together a top list of the best tattoo artists in Zurich. This is based on the ratings, references and portfolios of the individual artists.

**Giahi Tattoo & Piercing Studio Zürich Löwenstrasse**
Giahi is one of the best-known and most renowned tattoo studios in Zurich. Giahi has been offering high-quality tattoos, piercings, fashion and art since 1993. The studio has several locations across the city, including Löwenstrasse 22 in the heart of Zurich. Various tattooists work here with different specializations, such as fineline, realistic, watercolour, blackwork or neo-traditional. Giahi attaches great importance to hygiene, quality and individuality. Each tattoo is designed and implemented according to the wishes and ideas of the customer. Giahi also offers Giada Ilardo Luxury Piercing, an exclusive line of high quality jewelry for all types of piercing. If you would like to get a tattoo from Giahi, you can book an appointment online or get personal advice.

**World's End Tattoo**
World's End Tattoo is a modern and cozy tattoo studio at Steinstrasse 50 in district 3. The studio was opened in 2010 was founded by brothers Marco and Fabio and has since made a name for itself as one of the best tattoo studios in Zurich. World's End Tattoo offers a wide range of styles such as Old School, New School, Realistic, Dotwork or Geometric. The team consists of six permanent tattoo artists and regular guest artists from all over the world. World's End Tattoo places great value on a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in which customers can feel comfortable. The studio is also known for its fair prices and high level of customer satisfaction. If you would like to get a tattoo at World's End Tattoo, you can request an appointment online or give us a call.

**Born 1891 Tattoostudio**
Born 1891 Tattoostudio is a legendary tattoo studio in Zurich that has existed since 1991. The studio is located at Badenerstrasse 414 in district 9 and is one of the oldest and most traditional tattoo studios in Switzerland. Born 1891 Tattoostudio offers a wide range of styles, such as Traditional, Japanese, Tribal or Portrait. The team consists of seven permanent tattoo artists and numerous guest artists from all over Europe. Born 1891 Tattoostudio is characterized by its high level of professionalism, creative artistry and passionate dedication. Each tattoo is individually designed and executed with the greatest care. Born 1891 Tattoostudio is also known for its hygienic standards and first class advice. If you would like to get a tattoo at Born 1891 Tattoostudio, you can make an appointment online or contact us in person.


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Top list of the best tattoo artists in Hamburg

Hamburg is a city full of art and culture and this is also reflected in the tattoo scene. There are many talented tattoo artists in Hamburg, mastering different styles and techniques, from traditional motifs to realistic portraits. If you are looking for a new tattoo, or just curious what the Hanseatic city has to offer, then check out this top list of the best tattoo artists in Hamburg.

1. Andy Engel - Andy Engel Tattoo
Andy Engel is one of the most famous tattoo artists in Germany, and with good reason. He specializes in realistic tattoos, especially human and animal portraits. His works are so detailed and alive that you could almost mistake them for photographs. Andy Engel has his own tattoo shop in Hamburg, where he also employs other talented artists. If you want a high-quality and individual tattoo, then you've come to the right place at Andy Engel.

2. Daniel Meyer - Lowbrow Tattoo Parlor
Daniel Meyer is a versatile tattoo artist who draws inspiration from a variety of art movements. He does both colored and black tattoos that incorporate elements of surrealism, symbolism, and the occult. His tattoos are often mystical and mysterious, with hints of darkness. Daniel Meyer works at Lowbrow Tattoo Parlor in Hamburg, a cozy and friendly studio that also houses other creative artists.

3. Simone Pfaff and Volko Merschky - Buena Vista Tattoo Club
Simone Pfaff and Volko Merschky are a duo of tattoo artists who have developed a unique style they call "Realistic Trash Polka". This style combines realistic motifs with graphic elements such as lettering, collages or geometric shapes. The color palette is mostly black, red and white. limited, which creates a strong contrast. Simone Pfaff and Volko Merschky have their own tattoo club in Hamburg, where they also offer workshops and seminars.


4. Lars Uwe - Loxodrom
Lars Uwe is a tattoo artist specializing in traditional tattoos. He mainly makes old school motifs such as anchors, swallows or hearts, but also Japanese or oriental designs. His tattoos are colorful and cheerful, with clean lines and shading. Lars Uwe works at the Loxodrom in Hamburg, one of the oldest tattoo studios in the city, which has a good reputation for quality and hygiene.

5. Miss Nico - Vaders.Dye
Miss Nico is a tattoo artist who focuses on dotwork tattoos. She mainly makes floral or geometric patterns that consist of many small dots. Her tattoos are filigree and elegant, with a harmonious aesthetic. Miss Nico works at Vaders.Dye in Hamburg, a modern and stylish studio that also promotes other art forms such as graffiti or painting.

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Top list of the best tattoo artists in Düsseldorf

If you're looking for a new tattoo, you might already have an idea of what style you want. But do you also know which tattoo artist in Düsseldorf suits you best? There are many talented and experienced tattoo artists in the city, mastering different styles and techniques. Whether you want a minimalist, realistic, traditional or colorful tattoo, here you will find the top list of the best tattoo artists in Düsseldorf who can make your tattoo dream come true.

1. Alex Anvil Tattoo
Alex Anvil is an award-winning tattoo artist specializing in realistic and hyper-realistic tattoos. He can tattoo both black and white and colored designs that look like photos on the skin. His work is rich in detail, lively and expressive. He tattoos at his own studio Alex Anvil Tattoo in the Old Town, where he also employs other talented artists.

2. Inkarnation
Inkarnation is a renowned tattoo studio in Düsseldorf that has existed since 1997. Several tattoo artists work here offering different styles such as dotwork, geometry, mandala, watercolor, neo-traditional and many more. The studio attaches great importance to hygiene, quality and individuality. Each customer is advised in detail and gets a unique design according to his wishes.

3. Black Tide Tattoo
Black Tide Tattoo is a modern and stylish tattoo studio in Düsseldorf-Flingern, which was founded by the well-known tattoo artist Daniel Gensch. He specializes in Japanese tattoos, which he designs with great attention to detail and respect for tradition. His motifs are powerful, harmonious and colourful. He works with high-quality colors and needles, which ensure optimal healing.


4. Needle Art Tattoo
Needle Art Tattoo is a cozy and friendly tattoo studio in Düsseldorf-Bilk, founded by experienced tattoo artist Marco. He masters various styles, such as old school, new school, comics, cartoons and lettering. He is always open to new ideas and challenges and tattoos with a lot of passion and humor. He also offers piercings and jewelry.

5. Art of Pain Tattoo
Art of Pain Tattoo is a professional and creative tattoo studio in Düsseldorf-Oberkassel, run by the talented tattoo artist Chris. He specializes in realistic portraits, which he tattoos with great precision and expression. It can use both celebrity and personal photos as templates. He works with high-quality materials and ensures a pleasant atmosphere in the studio.

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