Top list of the best tattoo artists in Cologne

If you're looking for a new tattoo, you might already have an idea of what you want to get inked. But do you already know who should immortalize the artwork on your skin? Choosing the right tattoo artist is at least as important as the motif itself, because after all you should feel comfortable with your tattoo and be able to proudly present it. But how do you find the best tattoo artist in Cologne for your individual style and taste? We've done the work for you and compiled a top list of the best tattoo artists in Cologne, known for their high quality, creativity and professionalism. Whether you want a classic, realistic, minimalistic or colorful tattoo, you'll find it here!

1. Black Sheep Tattoo
Black Sheep Tattoo is a renowned tattoo studio in the heart of Cologne that has existed since 2012. The team consists of six talented tattoo artists specializing in different styles such as blackwork, dotwork, geometry, mandala, ornamentation, realism and watercolor. The atmosphere in the studio is relaxed and friendly, and hygiene standards are high. If you are looking for an individual and high-quality tattoo, you have come to the right place at Black Sheep Tattoo.

2. Inked Skin
Inked Skin is a modern and clean tattoo studio in Cologne-Ehrenfeld that has been making its customers happy since 2014. The studio offers a wide range of styles such as old school, new school, comic, cartoon, trash polka, lettering and more. The tattoo artists are experienced and artistically talented, and respond to the wishes and ideas of their customers. Inked Skin is a place where you feel comfortable and well advised.

3. Art of Pain
Art of Pain is an established tattoo studio in Cologne-Porz that has existed since 1999. The studio is known for its realistic and detailed tattoos in color or black and white. The tattoo artists are masters of their trade and can implement any motif, whether portraits, animals, landscapes or fantasy. Art of Pain attaches great importance to hygiene, safety and customer satisfaction.


4. Red Star Tattoo
Red Star Tattoo is a cozy and family tattoo studio in Cologne-Nippes that has been delighting its customers since 2008. The studio offers a variety of styles such as Traditional, Neo Traditional, Japanese, Tribal, Maori and more. The tattoo artists are passionate and creative, and advise their customers individually and competently. Red Star Tattoo is a studio with heart and soul.

5. Fine Line Tattoo
Fine Line Tattoo is an elegant and stylish tattoo studio in Cologne-Sülz that has been enchanting its customers since 2016. The studio specializes in fine line and minimalist tattoos in black or color. The tattoo artists are professional and tasteful, and create artistic tattoos with great attention to detail. Fine Line Tattoo is a studio for everyone who likes it simple and beautiful.


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