Top List of Best Tattoo Artists in Amsterdam

If you are looking for a new tattoo, you may already have an idea of what style or motif you want. But do you know which tattoo artist in Amsterdam suits you best? There are many talented and experienced tattoo artists in the Dutch capital who specialize in different styles and techniques. Whether you want a minimalist, realistic, traditional or colorful tattoo, there is bound to be a tattoo artist in Amsterdam who can fulfill your desires. In this blog post, we present our top list of the best tattoo artists in Amsterdam, who are known for their high quality, creativity and professionalism.

1. Henk Schiffmacher
Henk Schiffmacher is a living legend in the tattoo scene. He has tattooed thousands of people since the 1970s, including celebrities such as Kurt Cobain, Lady Gaga and Robbie Williams. His style is inspired by traditional American and Japanese tattoo art, but he has also developed his own signature. He is known for his detailed and colorful tattoos, which often tell stories or have symbolic meanings. Henk Schiffmacher runs his own tattoo studio in Amsterdam, which is called Schiffmacher & Veldhoen Tattooing. He has also founded a tattoo museum that displays his extensive collection of tattoo artwork from around the world.

2. Angelique Houtkamp
Angelique Houtkamp is a renowned tattoo artist who specializes in the old school style. She is influenced by the vintage aesthetics of the 1920s to 1950s, especially pin-up girls, sailors, and circus motifs. Her tattoos are elegant, feminine and nostalgic, with clean lines and bright colors. Angelique Houtkamp works in her own studio in Amsterdam, which is called Salon Serpent Tattoo. She is also a successful artist who has published her work in galleries and books.

3. Jay Freestyle
Jay Freestyle is an innovative tattoo artist who cannot be assigned to any particular style. He combines various elements from realism, surrealism, geometric and watercolor to create unique works of art on the skin. He often works without a template or sketch, but is guided by the form and flow of the body. His tattoos are stunning, dynamic and original. Jay Freestyle works in the Ink District Amsterdam, a modern tattoo studio in the heart of the city.


4. Kim-Anh Nguyen
Kim-Anh Nguyen is a talented tattoo artist who specializes in the dotwork style. She uses only black ink and creates complex patterns and shapes on the skin with many small dots. Her tattoos are inspired by nature, spirituality and geometry. They are minimalist, but expressive and harmonious. Kim-Anh Nguyen works at Bont & Blauw Tattoo Studio in Amsterdam, a cozy and friendly place for all tattoo lovers.

5. Dex Moelker
Dex Moelker is an experienced tattoo artist who specializes in realism. He can bring portraits, animals, landscapes or other subjects to the skin with incredible precision and depth. His tattoos look like photos or paintings, with subtle shades and lifelike colors. Dex Moelker works at Rotterdam Ink Tattoo Studio in Amsterdam, a family-run business with a long tradition in the tattoo industry.


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